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Six Piano Project

Natasha Lin

six Piano COllective


Natasha is a Melbourne musician who is passionate in exploring the intersection between music and wellbeing. Her background as an award-winning concert pianist has taken her to perform at many esteemed venues such as the Government House Victoria, as well as being a recipient of numerous prizes and as a finalist in the 2014 Australian Piano Award. Her unique and imaginative sounds have been aired on national and state radios, and have also sought the attention of the United Nations, whom requested her involvement with a Peace project in 2015. 

With years of performing, teaching and coaching experience, Natasha is currently expanding her passion in creating accessible music experiences for community wellbeing. She is the Concert Coordinator for the Friends of Music Series, and have facilitated workshops, seminars and community groups in raising awareness to the power of music as a wellbeing essential. She is currently broadening her musicianship as a music therapist, which is anticipated to be completed later this year. Natasha has recently been sponsored by the Jim Marks Scholarship to enable her to further explore music as a peace-making tool with the Musicians Without Borders network in the US.