New Sounds, New Spaces, Old Pianos

Six Piano Project

Carolyn Schofield



Carolyn Schofield is a composer, pianist and electronic musician working under various guises in both the notated and electronic music realms. Alongside her work as a composer, Carolyn performs predominantly as a solo electronic musician under the moniker Fia Fiell, and in electronic/dance music duo, Rolling Mass, together with drummer/beatmaker Max Kohane. Her first recorded release as Fia Fiell, ‘A Hair, A Heap’, was released on Nice Music in 2016, while Rolling Mass have just released their debut EP, Prime Unity, on L.A.’s Brain Dead Records.

Carolyn’s music is inspired predominantly by the rhythms and movements of the natural world, and often aims to bring electronic sounds and acoustic instruments together in a fluid and adaptable way. Much of her compositions explore meditative and subtly shifting sonic landscapes, often utilising free, nebulous and cyclic melodic movement alongside drone-based elements and uneasy harmonies, with improvisation forming a large part of her compositional processes and live performances. Her acclaimed live performances as Fia Fiell (which have included sets at MPavilion, Freedom Time Festival and Melbourne Fashion Week) involve multiple synthesizers played and processed in real time to create hauntingly ethereal, unsettling and other-worldly soundscapes, which perhaps conjure a notion of childlike wonderment and trepidation in the face of an unmapped universe around us.